Transparency helps keep Service Caster rolling

“We used to frequently deal with counterfeits. With Transparency, now it’s not even an issue.”

Tyler Manz
Marketplace Manager

Everything’s in their wheelhouse

Since its incorporation in 1993, Service Caster has become one of the largest and most reputable wheel and caster brands in North America. From its base in West Reading, Pennsylvania, the business designs, manufactures, assembles and distributes its products across the globe.

Boasting a sales team with over 100 years of combined experience, Service Caster offers both off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions, servicing a staggering range of industries. Whether it’s something as common as an office chair or as critical as a hospital ventilator, if it rolls, Service Caster has a product to suit.

As a business that services a range of regulated and compliance-heavy sectors such as healthcare and energy, it’s essential that Service Caster’s products offer maximum performance and reliability. After all, if one fails, it can be far more serious than just a bad review. So, when Service Caster discovered bad actors were selling counterfeits of their products, they knew they had to act quickly.

Tackling counterfeiters head on

To keep bad actors at bay, they enrolled in Brand Registry – Amazon’s foundational brand protection program – which unlocks access to exclusive brand protection and brand building tools.

They also set up an internal review process. “We were always going through our inventory, trying to be diligent with what we listed,” explains Tyler Manz, Service Caster’s Marketplace Manager. “And when we stumbled across another seller on our listing, we’d typically order a test buy to check if it was a true Service Caster product. If not, from there we’d take photos and pass it over to our legal team to try to get the listing taken down.”

While this process was effective, they needed to be one step ahead of the counterfeiters.
That’s when they heard about Transparency, a proactive counterfeit prevention service, and decided to enrol.
West Reading, Pennsylvania
Caster, Wheel, & Material Handling
Amazon Brand Registry

Transparency offered such an easy, efficient and much cheaper way to combat counterfeit products. It sort of put our products on lockdown from counterfeiters and once it was implemented, it took effect immediately. We haven’t had a problem since.
Tyler ManzMarketplace Manager

A straightforward solution

By attaching Transparency’s secure, unique codes to their products, Service Caster is now able to block counterfeiters on their Amazon listings. And it was just as straight forward to set up as it was effective, from onboarding, to training, to finding a label printer.

“Amazon’s team did a great job guiding us through the process. We didn’t want to print the labels ourselves, so we were given a few different options. We reached out to one of the Transparency Service Providers, set up an online account like you would on any other website, and we were off and rolling.”

While Transparency has solved Service Caster’s counterfeit problem, it has also proven beneficial for the brand’s relationship with its customers. Not only can customers instantly verify the products they receive are genuine by scanning the attached code no matter where they buy them, but just its presence provides a powerful reminder of Service Caster’s commitment to quality and customer service.

“Transparency has worked exactly as advertised at stopping counterfeiters from tarnishing our brand. I love that when a customer sees our box with the Transparency label on it, they take notice. When they scan that label, they know who we are and that they’re getting the quality product we are known for.”

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