Transparency strengthens protections for an innovative fitness brand

“We have a huge offline retail presence as well as online, and we found Transparency to be the most effective anti-counterfeiting strategy for the Indian market as it is agnostic to our supply chain.”

Gaurav Katiyar
Senior Manager of Online Business, Bright Lifecare

Strong beginnings

Since its founding in 2012, MuscleBlaze has made it their mission to provide Indian consumers with sports nutrition supplements specifically tailored to their needs.

As Gaurav Katiyar, Senior Manager of Online Business for Bright Lifecare (MuscleBlaze’s parent company) explains, “Thanks to a market-leading focus on authenticity and clinical research, as well as innovations such as protein test certifications and scoop-on-top packaging, MuscleBlaze has carved out a reputation built on quality, reliability and results.”

Attempts to muscle in

The brand joined in 2016, gaining access to a new and increased customer base. Around this time, however, they also began to notice they had a counterfeit problem.

According to Gaurav, “Sports supplements are ripe for counterfeiting. Since authentic supplements are relatively high-cost, bad actors can sell counterfeit supplements at a reduced price, and still make high margins.”

“We knew we had a problem as soon as we started hearing complaints about low-quality products, both on and in conversations with our customer service team,” says Gaurav.

Transparency raises the bar

Fortunately, there was a solution on offer. Gaurav first found out about Transparency through a promotional email that introduced the program, its benefits and its features. Transparency uses secure, unique codes that identify individual units to help prevent the listing, sale and shipment of inaccurate or counterfeit products. After a preliminary conversation with the Transparency team, the team at MuscleBlaze immediately saw the potential value.

MuscleBlaze needed a way to protect their brand and products across their entire supply chain throughout India, both online and offline. The Transparency program provided just that. With MuscleBlaze attaching unique, scannable serialisation codes to each unit of their products, Transparency has made it possible for customers to ensure they are fuelling their bodies with exactly what they ordered.
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Ever since we enrolled in the Transparency program, we have seen a reduction in customer complaints with regards to counterfeits. This has cemented our position in the market as a brand who values authenticity.
Gaurav KatiyarSenior Manager of Online Business, Bright Lifecare

All gain, no pain

Gaurav says, “For MuscleBlaze, the transition to the Transparency program has been seamless, stress-free and highly effective. Not only has enrolling in the program ended our concerns about counterfeit products, it has also empowered us to provide extra confidence and value to our customers.”

“The Transparency program has helped us completely eliminate bad actors and counterfeits and it has helped us build our reputation for authenticity and quality. We’ve been able to increase our sales without having to worry about losing out on profits to bad actors.”

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