Transparency stops counterfeits from being a pain in the neck for MYTREX

“With Transparency, customers have a guarantee that their purchase is authentic. It’s the ultimate peace of mind.”

Minghe Xue
CEO, Sotsu Medical

Taking matters into his own hands

If you were to make a list of dangerous jobs, office work may not come to mind. The health hazards, however, of sitting at a desk for extended period of time – particularly neck and shoulder pain – can still be debilitating.

Minghe Xue, the CEO of Sotsu Medical, learned this the hard way when he developed chronic shoulder stiffness and pain because of the long hours he spent at his desk.

Luckily, because his company manufactured medical devices, he had access to talented engineers and medical experts. He enlisted their help to develop a product that could help him and others in his situation feel better.

“We had long discussions on functionality, design and other aspects of the product,” Minghe explains. “And we even got in touch with health science professors to exchange ideas, improve our product and then ultimately, we got it certified.”

Many months of hard work later, MYTREX’s very first product – a massage gun called REBIVE – was finally in his hands.

Partnering with Amazon

Right off the bat, Amazon was central to MYTREX’s strategy.

The brand focused the bulk of their marketing efforts in the Amazon store. They also signed up for the Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) program. Enrolling in FBA enabled MYTREX to take advantage of Amazon’s logistics and customer service capabilities. This meant they could offer customers an exceptional experience.

“With Fulfilment by Amazon, Amazon provides product storage, order processing, delivery and customer service related to orders and returns on our behalf,” Minghe explains. “It made our business more efficient and enabled us to concentrate on growing the brand.”

Thanks to this approach, the REBIVE massage gun was well received by buyers and sales began to pick up.

Putting much-needed protection in place

Minghe was overjoyed about MYTREX’s initial success – and understandably so. But he also worried it carried a certain element of risk. “When you do something well,” he says, “people will inevitably counterfeit it.”

MYTREX wasn't targeted by bad actors, but Minghe decided to proactively protect his brand.

“Our brand’s guiding principle is that we want to help people. So, protecting our customers is critical,” he says. “We’re always thinking about how to block counterfeit products from appearing on the market. Not only would they damage the brand, they’d also negatively impact customers.”

For this reason, when MYTREX met the eligibility criteria to join Brand Registry – Amazon’s foundational brand protection program – Minghe enrolled right away.

Enrolling in Brand Registry activated immediate proactive protections that stop infringing listings or inaccurate content and gave the MYTREX Account Management Team access to tools like Report a Violation. This tool is a powerful way to search and report intellectual property infringements to Amazon and enabled MYTREX to take action against suspicious listings. “With Brand Registry’s Report a Violation tool, we can remove listings that infringe our trademarks quite quickly,” Minghe says.

Brand Registry enrolment also made MYTREX eligible for exclusive brand protection and brand building programs to help strengthen their brand and get in front of more potential customers. “Programs like Sponsored Ads and Amazon Stores enhanced our visibility,” he continues. “And our brand gained traction as a result.”
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Giving MYTREX’s customers greater Transparency

While Brand Registry gave them protections against possible counterfeit issues, Minghe wanted to go the extra mile. When he heard about Transparency, Amazon’s proactive counterfeit prevention program, he signed up.

When a brand enrols a product in Transparency, they add unique and secure Transparency codes to the product’s packaging. Only items with the correct codes can be listed and shipped on Amazon. These codes verify the item as authentic and can be scanned by customers with the Transparency or Amazon shopping app to give customers additional confidence.
With Transparency customers have a guarantee that their purchase is authentic. It’s the ultimate peace of mind. And it has worked so well with REBIVE that we plan to enrol more products.
Minghe XueCEO, Sotsu Medical

Onwards and upwards

MYTREX has recently repeatedly reached new sales milestones and Minghe says Brand Registry and Transparency have been critical to that success.

Transparency’s proactive protections and Brand Registry’s brand protection tools mean MYTREX no longer has to worry about bad actors. Instead they can concentrate on strengthening customer relationships and growing their reach.

“We’re certainly not resting on our laurels, though,” concludes Minghe. “We’re constantly looking to make improvements to our products.”

“Our main goals now are to increase the product lineup, expand our brand recognition, and make products that can become popular worldwide. And, with the support of Amazon’s brand protection programs, I’m confident that we can do it.”

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