Transparency helps restore a cutting-edge business’s vision

“Transparency has exceeded even our wildest expectations. It has taken all the hard work out of protecting our brand.”

Madeline Beck
e-commerce Manager for CarbonKlean

Out of this world

When NASA chooses you as their exclusive supplier for the International Space Station, it's safe to say you’ve created something truly special.

The brainchild of lifelong friends Daniel Patton and Peter Muerrens, CarbonKlean, offers portable cleaners for lenses, filters and screens that uses proprietary carbon technology to make lenses and devices sparkle without leaving any residue or the faintest scratch.

Their flagship product, Peeps, is effective on all types of lenses – corrective glasses, sunglasses, even UV blue light glasses. They also come in a self-cleaning case and can be reused over 500 times, which means they’re much more eco-friendly than traditional single-use wipes.

Sights set on success

“Peter designed and created a 3D-printed prototype of the first Peeps,” recalls Madeline Beck, the e-commerce manager for CarbonKlean.

“He took it to trade shows and the reaction was overwhelmingly positive. So, he patented the design and started selling them at big box stores and optometrists’ offices.”

Peeps sold well right out of the gate. But when CarbonKlean decided to take things to the next level and start selling online on their own website and on Amazon, the business really took off.

Bad actors come into view

Unfortunately, it wasn’t just customers who took notice of their product. Bad actors, seeing the success of Peeps, decided to cash in too.

While these bad actors came up with something that may have looked identical to Peeps, the quality just wasn't the same.

And that's when CarbonKlean’s problems started.
Powell, Ohio
Lense Cleaner
Brand Registry


Hidden in plain sight

How big was the extent of the problem for CarbonKlean?

According to CarbonKlean’s research, there were around two million fake Peeps being sold in various stores worldwide.

Worse than the lost sales, was having to look on helplessly while watching the brand’s reputation nosedive.

“Customers were posting one-star reviews with photos and we could clearly see it wasn't our product,” says Madeline. “But getting in front of the issue was impossible... We would search Google, eBay, and other marketplaces and we’d find thousands of counterfeits. It was insane.”

A sight for sore eyes

At around this time, CarbonKlean discovered Amazon Brand Registry and decided to sign up.

Madeline was immediately impressed by the program’s effectiveness in ensuring listing accuracy, reporting suspected infringements and removing bad listings with automated brand protections. “Brand Registry is amazing because it puts you in the driver’s seat and gives you the information you need to take action. It’s probably the smartest program I’ve ever seen.”

Once they saw the positive impact Brand Registry had on finding, investigating and removing suspected counterfeit listings, taking the next step and joining Transparency made perfect sense.

Transparency made it possible to proactively prevent counterfeits from reaching customers. What’s more, for other channels, customers could verify whether or not they have an authentic Peeps product, no matter where they purchased them by scanning the Transparency code with the Amazon Shopping or Transparency apps.

Madeline remembers sitting in her office when she received an email about Transparency. She read it through once and was immediately sold. “I opened it, read it and called straight away.”

The 20 minutes it took to enrol in the Transparency program would be pivotal for the brand.

“It was a game-changer for us. After ensuring our brand was protected by tools like Transparency, we went from selling 200 Peeps a month to over 10,000 Peeps a month.”
Amazon’s brand protection services are life changing. I love that dealing with counterfeits is no longer something I have to worry about. We don’t have these issues anymore.”
Madeline Becke-commerce Manager for CarbonKlean

Looking to the future

It’s not just CarbonKlean’s sales that have picked up since they signed up for Transparency.

Counterfeit Peeps have all but disappeared from the internet, and customer feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

As a result, CarbonKlean can now look to the future with confidence.

“Transparency’s protection has given us the confidence to sell globally. We’ve expanded from the US to Japan and the UK, and are going to launch in Germany next. We plan to be available in the rest of the EU by the end of 2022.”

Needless to say, Madeline is enthusiastic about Transparency and encourages any business to sign up.

“Eliminating counterfeiters is priceless. You can’t put a value on ensuring customers always receive authentic products. It’s so important for brands to protect not just their business but also their customers. And Amazon has tools that help you work smarter, instead of harder.”

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